Pocket Potions Game App Is Free

freepocketpotionsgame Pocket Potions Game App is Free

Pocket Potions is now Free in the iTunes Store!

view app in itunes Pocket Potions Game App is Free

We bring you another iPhone app that The Best Free App has been having fun with and definitely thinks is worth checking out. Here are the details from the developer for this FREE app…

Pocket Potions App Video Preview

From the Game App Developer…

Create a Potion Shop in a Magical World!

pocketpotionsfreeapp Pocket Potions Game App is Free

You’ve inherited a potion shop from your Fairy Godmother. It may be small, but it is famous throughout the kingdom as the best place to find powerful potables, clever charms and evil elixirs. Play with friends and build your business from a humble corner shop into the most magical emporium in all the land!


★ “Interesting and high quality visual style.” -GameZebo.com

★ “…a free and rather cute game for you iOS users!” -ReviewTheTech.com

★ “…they’ve delivered another great Simulation game…” – AppsMeNow.com

★ “Yes it’s a cute game…” – MobilityDigest.com

freegamepocketpotions Pocket Potions Game App is Free


★ Levitate, charm and transform your customers with dozens of amazing potions effects.
★ Farm magical plants and harvest their ingredients to brew your potions.
★ Raise adorable dragons, unicorns and other mythical animals.
★ Customize your shop to improve your reputation and attract more customers.
★ Meet wizards, adventurers and fairy tale tourists and help them with their problems.
★ Beautiful, colorful visuals and amazing animations.
★ Support friends by using Game Center to visit other shops and trade gifts.
★ Works on the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhones.

freegameapppocketpotions Pocket Potions Game App is Free


Check us out on twitter: @breaktimestudio
Thanks for playing!

freeapppocketpotions Pocket Potions Game App is Free

Customer Reviews for Pocket Potions:

“Really great game. Good fun..gets addictive..my fav game atm.”

“There should be another way to earn gems like buy making a potion.”

“Good enough”

App Store: Pocket Potions

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