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Cinderella Cafe is now Free in the iTunes Store!

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We bring you another iPhone app that The Best Free App has been having fun with and definitely thinks is worth checking out. Here are the details from the developer for this FREE app…

Cinderella Cafe App Video Review

From the Game App Developer…

Have fun with Cuby and his pals once again! It’s time for a new adventure in Cinderella Cafe!

freegamecinderellacafe Cinderella Cafe Free Game App

While on vacation in the the faraway land of Fairy Kingdom, Cuby and his friends meet the beautiful Cinderella, who runs an enchanted cafe for the princess.

freegameappcinderellacafe Cinderella Cafe Free Game App

But business hasn’t been going well for Cinderella, and it’s only with the help of the kind-hearted bunch that her cafe can be saved!

freecinderellacafegame Cinderella Cafe Free Game App

Help Cuby and his friends restore the legendary cafe to its former glory! Take on the challenge using your speed, skill, and quick thinking, and bring back what Cinderella Cafe was best known for — great food and fast, quality service!

cinderellacafefreeapp Cinderella Cafe Free Game App

Customer Reviews for Cinderella Cafe:

“Very fun, addictive, and fast paced”

“This game is really fun and addictive!!!! The only problem is that it forces you to buy pet points!!!!! This is a big issue because lots of the items on the game you need pet points to buy!!!!”

“It’s fun and addictive icon smile Cinderella Cafe Free Game App

App Store: Cinderella Cafe

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