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indestructiblefreeapp Indestructible™ Free Game App

Indestructible™ is now free in the iTunes Store

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We bring you another iPhone app that The Best Free App has been having fun with and definitely thinks is worth checking out. Here are the details from the developer for this FREE app…

From the Game App Developer… 

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freeindestructiblegame Indestructible™ Free Game App

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progress Indestructible™ Free Game App

Optimized for the iPhone 5!

Grab the wheel, load up your guns, hit the road and leave the mangled wrecks of your victories in the dust as you battle to become the best in the exciting vehicular combat game Indestructible!

Are you sick of all those boring, repetitive farming games? Then blow some %^&* up in this fully 3D, online multiplayer action game!

freegameindestructible Indestructible™ Free Game App

Including three unique multiplayer game modes: Capture the Flag, Death Match and Recover The Charge

Advanced visual effects designed for the new iPad and iPhone 5!

Customize you vehicles with rocket launchers, laser guns, auto-cannons and more!

freegameappindestructible Indestructible™ Free Game App

All set in a gritty post-apocalyptic world. Battle with your latest vehicle creations!

Enabling awesome stunts such as flips and power-slides!

We’ve worked hard to bring you some of the best graphics available on iOS, combined with the thrilling game-play of 4-player multiplayer action – all for FREE. We’re constantly striving to make Indestructible the best multiplayer game on the market, so we really value your feedback.

Indestructible is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

freeappindestructible Indestructible™ Free Game App

Customer Reviews for Indestructible™:

“Smooth controls, gorgeous graphics, customizable vehicles, just the whole package.”

“Sweet multiplayer game. It will be real good when it gets a lot of players. Deathmatch is my favorite”

“I almost passed on this one…I’m glad I didn’t..WOW this racer has everything I like in a combat racer..enough vehicles with equipped weapons & upgrades to be had,hopefully an assortment of different weapons,I haven’t played enough..but I will as soon as I finish this review,to see how deep the content goes,as for now the single player mode,which I only have played,has 3 maps..PLEASE BRING US MORE,but thats great for a start,I hope the weapon upgrades are massive as well…don’t know,anyways the dual sticks are the greatest ever..very spot on,responsive in every way,the vehicles move so an OPEN WORLD,did I mention,FREE ROAM to move about wherever you want!The vehicle moves & shoots simultaneous to enhance the great gameplay,also you never run out of ammo,with automatic fire..LOVE THAT..FULLY AUTOMATIC FIRE!Maybe you can add lock on missiles with crosshairs etc.THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC ALL THE WAY AROUND..DON’T HESITATE TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME,YOU’LL MISS OUT IF YOU DON’T,HEY GLUE,GREAT JOB..THANK YOU & KEEP THE CONTENT COMING…MAPS,ENEMIES & WEAPONS.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!”

App Store: Indestructible™

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